Audio & Sound Systems

We specialize in high-quality audio & sound productions. Our range of equipment is top-of-the-line and always updated and reinforced with the latest. And with our professional technicians delivering our services seamlessly, every Dezibel event will sound amazing!


We offer a range of over 2000 lighting fixtures to choose from. These include generic, LED, architectural and intelligent fixtures from the best brands. Set the mood with the lighting and create the event of your dreams.

Truss & Roof Systems

We’re a one-stop solution for trussing and rigging needs. Relying only on the highest quality certified brands, we boast an inventory of over 1000 metres of truss and over 200 motors. Your event possibilities are endless!

LED Screens

Captivate guests and elevate any event with the best and brightest LED screens. Our updated inventory showcases 500 meters of straight, curved and flexible LED screens for both indoor and outdoor projections.


With a line-up of over 1000 stage decks and the expertise to guide clients through planning, we can customise staging to match any event.


Confetti & Streamer Shots, Sparkulars, CO2 Jets, CO2 Guns, Low Fog Machines,

Super Blaster XL, and other Magic FX products are available in big quantities

to add wow factorto any indoor or outdoor event!. Dezibel Events LLC specializes

in providing Special Effects (SFX) for events of all sizes in United Arab Emirates.